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"I watched The Fire Within and went looking for more info on you. I am inspired by your life and your zest for living. Tears were brought to my eyes at the times I have missed opportunities to laugh and live and to reach out to others. Truly, compassion and love and understanding along with action are all we have to help one another thru this life. Thank you for helping me to open my eyes a little bit wider in wonder and observation of life and those around me that I can reach out to and encourage and help…you are truly an inspiration"

"Mr. Bowers I have recently viewed your film, The Fire Within. I was moved beyond words. I met you about 5 years ago at San Diego State University and was challenged and humbled by your life. I live my life in the moment and often your powerful existence reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. Thank you for all your work and guidance. You are truly an inspiration."

"Whew~Thank you so much for The Fire Within, which I saw tonight on FSTV. It has been said that what the world needs now is a tear of compassion in the eyes of humanity, and indeed your film put them there for me.*** The Bowers are both inspiration beyond beyond...~ Namaste.
:-) Andrea~"

"Honest and Raw...Bob is a warrior of the HIV virus. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your life and the fire with-in you. Unforgettable documentary!"

"I am a medical case manager in an HIV/AIDS medical clinic in our local state-funded charity hospital and I have been dealing with HIV/AIDS since my college boyfriend died of AIDS in 1984. I have watched many trainings, documentaries and films about HIV/AIDS through the years but none have touched me like The Fire Within...It’s a film EVERYBODY needs to see, regardless of their HIV status or HIV/AIDS experiences (or lack thereof.) It was SO wonderful to see the nothing-held-back truths shown in the film-------the meds resistance issues, the physical and emotional side effects from the meds, the daily struggle of the infected and affected loved ones. As I type this, tears are in my eyes as I think of the nausea, exhaustion, fears, and ongoing bravery and determination shown in the documentary. The local community-based non-profit HIV/AIDS organization that funds my medical clinic job is supported primarily by Ryan White grant money via the State of Louisiana HIV/AIDS Program . As most people are aware of, funding falls far short of the needs and some previously-funded programs have been cut. Private donations aren’t sufficient to cover the deficits and, unfortunately, ignorance abounds despite HIV education efforts. Thank you to everybody that made the film possible."